Thermal Imaging in Singapore

Infrared cameras show a thermal image, which is a map of sorts to show readings of electrical pulses. It all sounds very complicated and truth be told – it is. However, that is just the reason you need to call Bust Mold Singapore to conduct a thermal image map of your home.

Only professionals will know the best thermal image cameras and more importantly, how to read the results. For example, an amateur mold detector might forget high spaces or tiny crevices in your home. Or, they may read the thermal image camera wrong. Or, even worse, they aren’t familiar with the common paths of mold and so a normal thermal image with unique characteristics would go by unnoticed.

When Bust Mold Singapore sees a thermal image with unique characteristics, they know exactly where to go to see the rest of the picture. Whereas an amateur might end up tearing your whole house apart, Bust Mold Singapore will only cut precise holes exactly where the thermal image tells them to do so.

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